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    Default My lip hurts too much to practice!!!!

    In 3 days I have to audition for district band, and in about 2 weeks I have to audition for district jazz band-both on two saxes. So of course I've been practicing like crazy! But I have braces, and sometimes if i practice a lot it makes my lip hurt because the braces dig into my bottom lip. It's usually not too bad, but the other day i started a new reed on alto and (don't bother to lecture me about reed prep, i know i should soak them longer and rotate reeds) i guess because it wasn't broken in I subconsiously tightened my embouchure and now my lip is killing me! I end up playing for probably an hour and half every day counting band and jazz band at school. So basically now my lip is hurting too much to practice from my braces. Putting wax from the orthodontist over my braces helps a lot, but i only have one piece left and i want to make sure that i have some for the audition in case i need it. But i really need to practice! Does anyone have any ideas of how I can practice w/out being in horrible pain and more importantly not hurting my lip worse???

    Thanks in advance-you guys are life-savers!!

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    1) Buy more wax at the local drug store. Keep some in your case.
    2) Buy some Orajel, but don't use it until you start using wax again.

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