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    Hello... it's been a while, so I figured I'd post some tunes... these recordings are improvisational takes that I named after the fact, so there are no heads, per se. I'm playing horns on all of them, and on all but the first one, a good friend of mine is playing horns as well. We mix it up a lot, though, so I don't play the same one on each tune and neither does she. Please have a listen. Comments welcome!


    Rhythmic Gesture

    Bird of Winter

    Free Tenor Madness

    Brave the Elements

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    Haven't listened to all yet, but like what I'm hearing. You are setting more of a mood/mode and digging a bit deeper. It feels like you're trying to communicate something. This is a change from earlier pieces that seemed more self indulgent.

    Will listen to the rest, but wanted to stop and let you know that I think you're on to something that's reaching out much better.

    Good stuff!

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    Thanks Wade! Much appreciated. For the record, it's still self-indulgent.

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    Enjoying Spirituelle right now

    I'd fan you guys but I don't want to get lost in the crowd

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