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    Default Keilwerth New King serial

    Hi guys,

    I inherited a lovely New King several months ago, and I have been trying to trace the serial number but it won't show up on any serial number searches, any hints?

    Number is 29475. Is there a way to find out how much it's worth?



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    Default Re: Keilwerth New King serial

    For anything Vintage and gotta go to Helen:

    Alto or Tenor ?

    If it actually is engraved JK, then worth about $650 Alto or $800 Tenor. If it's a stencil, drop $200-250 off of those prices.
    Go for the Old-Skool, homies.

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    Default Re: Keilwerth New King serial

    Nice one cheers! Tis a tenor by the way, one of the ones with the naff plastic wings as a key guard!

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    Default Re: Keilwerth New King serial

    this must be another case of value discrepancies through the world.

    If in playable state and with the lucite angel's wing not cracked (very rare, most are cracked where the screws are because they are overtightened or have had something bumping against them) and good plating, silver is a bit bore desirable than nickel (brass is much rarer and can be more expensive , I have a nearly perfect alto with a matching brass wing too!), in Holland can be worth as much 700€ (private seller) to 1000€ (sold by a shop). They sell even better in Germany.

    By the way this vintage 1957 must have been one of the most prolific one since I have had several of this vintage. They are truly good players if nothing is wrong with them , one thing to be looking out is if these have any toneholes that have been for some reason, pressed in. If that is the case leveling the tonehole annot be done by filing (because of the rolled toneholes) and needs to be carefully pulled back in position.

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