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    Default Woodwind Company LC1 (Larry Combs) Mouthpieces

    The facings are in great shape, and they haven't been played much. $30 for the one with nearly complete gold in the "signature" and $25 for the one with a little more wear. $4 USPS to the lower 48 for either or both. Paypal preferred, but I can take most anything. International buyers ask for a shipping quote. I took pics of these at some point, I'll try and find them if you want.


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    Default Re: Woodwind Company LC1 (Larry Combs) Mouthpieces

    Hi Paul, I am looking for the one that has a small nameplate on the front of the mouthpiece that says 'WOODWIND' The model is an LC1. Do you have that one? thanks Dusty

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    Default Re: Woodwind Company LC1 (Larry Combs) Mouthpieces

    Hi everyone. This thread may be stale, I don't know, but I have this exact LC1. It has been in my daughter's possession for a very long time and she just handed it to me when she came home for christmas. A quick Google curiosity search pulled up this thread.

    I think I bought it around 1980??? It was my one-and-only for pit orchestra and chamber music work, plus being very comfortable as a saxophone doubler, until I moved on to something else and gave it to my daughter. Heavy use daily for at least 30 years means it is anything but new looking. All the markings are gone or illegible, but the facing is in top condition. I plan to play it later today and see how it has held up.

    My semi-informed information on LCs is that Larry Combs has disavowed himself from the mouthpiece that LeBlanc currently sells with his name on it. LeBlanc "makes" a lot of mouthpieces with famous names engraved on them, but they're more about brand marketing an off the shelf machine made product than about making a good mouthpiece. Questionable quality judging from what I see on this and other forums (I participate a lot on occasional good one but a lot of dogs. That said, the new ones are apparently a good middle-of-the-road choice for students, though far from the quality and character of the originals.

    So if you are still looking, maybe I can part with it. Unless I fall in love after giving it a blow today. I will snap some pictures if you or anyone else is interested.

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