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    Smile Blue Monk alto sax

    hey folks,

    i'm working these days on some standarts and now i need to hit ''blue monk'' from thelonious monk , so i was wondering if someone got a sheet or notes of it , that would would be helpful !

    Thanks in advance

    ps: tried with ear but it was a mess !

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    Default Re: Blue Monk alto sax

    Such an easy tune to learn. It's just a typical blues progression. I think it's in the REAL BOOK. Here's one in Bb.

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    Default Re: Blue Monk alto sax

    I just found a great site for guitar players (hold on a sec, it is relevant here) while searching for some music myself.
    The thing that may help you is that they have some free software which plays tabs and allows you to vary speed, step from one note/chord to another.
    Pick through the notes for the melody line, transpose for your sax and then use the guitar backing to practice with. Great stuff.

    Their Blue Monk is near the bottom of this page.

    Even if you're not savy with the guitar fretboard, the software tells you the name of each note being played; it's like a piano roll for guitar. I've downloaded about 250 songs that I wanted (nowhere near what they have on the site) to learn and plan on pulling melody lines out for Alto and Tenor as well as using it to refresh some of my guitar chops.

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    Default Re: Blue Monk alto sax

    Here it is from an Eb Real Book.
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    Default Re: Blue Monk alto sax

    Great thanks everyone for replying , all of this will surely work out !

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