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    Default Suggesting resonators for an old horn?

    I acquired a 1927 Conn relatively recently. It was fitted with brand new pads, but no resonators. Any suggestions on pads that would work well for it and help give it a good, classic 20's or 30's sound? Right now it just sounds stuffy.

    Thanks very much!

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    Default Re: Suggesting resonators for an old horn?

    It may just need a better regulation, or try a different mouthpiece.
    Many horns of that 'era' weren't fitted with resos. Just rivits or the little 'washers'.
    If it were me, I wouldn't want to go too 'radical' and just put on some flat brown nylon resonators.
    But that's just me.
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    Default Re: Suggesting resonators for an old horn?

    I agree with bandmommy. It may be you have a few leaks and or your mouthpiece/reed/lig combo may not be helping either. Take it to a tech and get the sax checked over first before doing anything else.

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    Default Re: Suggesting resonators for an old horn?

    I love that '20's saxophone sound but I've never been able to achieve it. I think "their" secret was in the mouthpiece and not the pads/resos. Like was posted before, the absence of resonators in saxophones was the way it was done then. So that wonderful old saxophone sound of Weidoeft, Stump Evans, early Hawkins, and all the alto players of the jazz-age came from vintage mouthpieces with fairly closed tips and fairly hard reeds.

    Unless you are willing to go that mouthpiece/reed route, I'd suggest you either leave your saxophone alone and just play it, OR re-pad with typical resonators being used now (like the domed metal, semi-domed plastic, or the wavy-like Noyeks). I have vintage and current saxophones with all three types of resonators (plus one vintage with no resonators) and I don't think it matters what style of resonator you choose. I realize some may claim there is a difference but they can't prove it - their samples are from one or two horns. It would require hundreds of re-pads and reso changes before the tonal effect could be objectively shown. DAVE

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    Default Re: Suggesting resonators for an old horn?

    Another vote for getting it checked for leaks. Not all overhauls are equal, and with or without resonators if it came out stuffy something is wrong- key heights or leaks (pads or neck tenon or microtuner or...) or both.

    A new vote for flat seamless metal resonators. Number #116 on this page: (You have to be a business to order from these folks) I find these are the best of all things- they put more saxophone in the saxophone without unduly changing the sound one way or another. You just get more sax back. That is of course just my opinion.
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