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Thread: Hip Hop/Rap w/ Jazz

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    Default Hip Hop/Rap w/ Jazz

    Please move it to the right place if it's wrong.


    I'm searching for some groups than use Hip Hop or Rap with >Jazz<...
    Sometimes i listen great stuff but i've never found the group's name...

    It (should, if possible)) have vocal, piano (and sometimes vibraphone), drums, and sax... It has hip hop groove but with the great jazz harmonic and improvisational concepts... i've already listen some great fusion on this subject but all i kind find is bad groups/music.

    Can you share some names to direct me somehow..?

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    Default Re: Hip Hop/Rap w/ Jazz

    Greg Osby "3-D Lifestyles" is a classic.

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    Default Re: Hip Hop/Rap w/ Jazz

    Quote Originally Posted by legitalto View Post
    Greg Osby "3-D Lifestyles" is a classic.
    Thank you! great stuff, it's what i was lookin' for... (although i don't like to hear him playing 'all the time' - it may change on the future of course)...
    I like this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zASE...eature=related
    I will keep digging his albums.

    More names on the table?
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    Default Re: Hip Hop/Rap w/ Jazz

    Katisse is a guy who plays great tenor sax, incredible jazz flute and raps. http://www.katisse.com/
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    Default Re: Hip Hop/Rap w/ Jazz

    The Roots- Do You Want More album- Steve Coleman on sax

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    Default Re: Hip Hop/Rap w/ Jazz

    Check out Miles Davis "DooBop"


    Also, I have a tune called "Inner Man" Check it out (Song 12 I think)


    I am going to be involved in studio project called "The Freedom Fusion Project", and there will be some HipHop on that as well.

    I am not big on Rapp, but have good music in the backround makes it that much better!


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    Default Re: Hip Hop/Rap w/ Jazz

    Here's a Beyonce cover. I guess it would be R&B/ Hip Hop:

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