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    Default Stone series sop nickel plated

    Been following one on CL for a couple weeks, but its a few hours drive away. Anyone have an opinion on these sopranos? Their web site says the Stone is their pro line. Was wondering how the tone and intonation is on these and what a rather clean copy would be worth. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Stone series sop nickel plated

    About 4-5 years ago, I went into my local music dealer/repair shop to purchase a store-in-the-bell straight soprano stand. I brought my Selmer SA80 to ensure a good fit. On a lark, I tried some Stone Series sopranos they had, both straight, curved, and saxello (tipped-forward bell). The black nickel with gold keys straight variant they had just blew away my Selmer SA80, so I bought it for $1525. Fatter, huskier tone. Only slightly nasal instead of really nasal. I then sold my Selmer on Ebay for.... $1525 in an auction. I think they're around $1800 new presently. I would pay $1200 for a mint specimen.

    Intonation is touchy on any soprano IMO, especially the high G and above being sharp. I have controlled it nicely on the stone soprano with a Jody Jazz HR piece. PM me your email address, and I can send you a sound clip of this set up if you like.

    Also, they nickel-plate the silver finish variants before applying the silver, according to Tevis Laukat, the founder of CB. My stone tenor has a "matte-nickel" finish on the bell because the previous owner polished the silver clean off!
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    Default Re: Stone series sop nickel plated

    I have the black lacquer with black lacquer keys. The intonation has been great. It has been very mouthpiece friendly in terms of intonation as well.

    Every area is a little different for what a horn is worth, but I think that I have seen a few on ebay go for around $1000 for used horns. Of course since they are online ads, I can't tell you what the exact cosmetic and playing conditions for those horns were.

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