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Thread: Alto E&S of Italian Manufacture

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    Just purchased, for my daughter in High School an Evette-Schaeffer Alto for quite little money. I'm noting that, unlike many E-S horns, this one does not say "Paris" under the E-S engraving on the bell. The reason being, I suppose, that it says "Made in Italy" on the neck. Anyone know anything about these Franco/Italian horns? Will my Daughter, an intermediate player, be disappointed in the performance? Can't be any worse than the Belmonte she's been playing since the 5th Grade, eh?


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    Well, here's a little help. I took the horn to our local instrument repair shop, so it can get a thorough going over, a clean up and a re-pad. The Owner/tech informs me that a certain number if E/S horns were made under license by Grassi in Italy. he puts the horn's vintage as mid-60s. Anyone have anything to add--in a general sense?


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