One of Chicago's venerable jazz clubs is well-known for presenting jazz music 7 nights. Once a month for the past 10 years, the Chicago Jazz Composers Collective has presented Sunday afternoon concerts there, two sets from 2-4. It's mostly performers few have heard of, but (almost) uniformly well worth hearing. Although alcohol is served, there's some quirk in the law that allows minors to attend with an adult on Sunday afternoons (same thing at the Jazz Showcase Sunday matinees), so you can bring your kids if you want. I take my young daughter, and she mostly likes to goof in the back but I'm hoping some of the music is sinking in while she plays. It's usually not very full, so the atmosphere is relaxed. You can check out their schedule on the Green Mill calendar at, though I see the next scheduled gig September 25 isn't listed yet. You can also get on a mailing list to receive concert announcements, PM me for an email contact for that if interested.