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    Default King Super 20 Alto Value?

    Hello All!

    I have a King Super 20 Alto with a silver neck. SN 303xxx. Pictures can be seen below. Can anyone please tell me the rough value? Also, it is original laquer, plays great but needs new pads and slight tune up on the a, b, and octave keys. I am more of an antiques guy than saxophone. The lady from whose estate I bought this was a professional sax player. Thanks, I appreciate any help.
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    Default Re: King Super 20 Alto Value?

    I saw it valued online at 2700 plus 15% for the silver neck.

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    Default Re: King Super 20 Alto Value?

    this is an later Series I king S20. It has the less desirable LT Pinky stack. They are hit and miss. Ive seen them as high as $3000+ and as low as $500-1200. Now if this was a 47' with a 3 ring hook and the Lever type Pinky table . then it would command more $$$. The later models are easier to play and sound awesome.. its all about the KING BLING though!!!! North / South America / Canada Intl HQ North / South America / Canada

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    Default Re: King Super 20 Alto Value?

    This is a FULL PEARL early super 20 (with all the engravings and trimmings!) ! Although I agree that the later models are easier to play and could be more sought after this horn is sought after in his own right.

    Value is of course something that depends from many factors . My guess is that this is the worst possible moment (until now you never know what's happening next) for many years to sell anything . So, if you don't need to sell hang on to it. If you do, remember that Europe or Japan are still (in spite of the economy having problems) better place to sell these items than the USA are.

    I think this horn could easily turn 3000$ if offered on the international ebay and if you are prepared to ship abroad.

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    Default Re: King Super 20 Alto Value?

    The pics aren't great, but I'd say around $2500. In this economy who knows.

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