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    Default 1937 Selmer Balanced action tenor sax

    I have found a 1937 Selmer Balanced action tenor sax, but I need some advice on what I should look for and be aware of anything about it.

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    Default Re: 1937 Selmer Balanced action tenor sax

    Play it and see how it plays. Take it to your tech and have him look it over.
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    Default Re: 1937 Selmer Balanced action tenor sax

    Carefully check the low notes from 'C' down to 'Bb' for intonation (sharpness) may (probably) have to use a fairly large chamber mouthpiece just to keep the overall pitch center down. For my credentials to offer these opinions - I have owned and played a 1940 BA Tenor since 1980...

    Where do you live in Florida ? An SOTW member who goes by 'Saxtek' is not too surprisingly a Saxophone technician and he lives somewhere in Florida. He is also a professional Sax player and would be a good choice to evaluate this horn if you live anywhere near him.

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    Default Re: 1937 Selmer Balanced action tenor sax

    Had same year vintage BA Tenor which I sold 3 years ago for a ref 36. My BA tenor had nice sound qualities for sure but bottom end intonation as mentioned by Tharrfuff and overall playablity sound and ergos compared to ref 36 was no comparison
    But to each his own.

    BTW I still play a BA alto 1938 vintage which I would never sell, but was never really atisfied with the BA tenor. :Perhaps the one you are looking at is better.

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