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    Default Yanagisawa Baritone Sax - Vito VSP - $2400 OBO

    Pictures on photobucket

    I am selling my Yani (Vito VSP) bari sax. I picked up a Yamaha YBS-52 bari and I like the 2 horns equally well. I decided to sell the Yani because it is nicer cosmetically and I think it will be easier to sell.

    The horn is in VERY GOOD condition. There are only 2 small dings which you won't notice until you are really looking for them. There are a few scratches, but nothing significant. The pads are good. It plays GREAT. The case is pretty scratched up and frankly is not the strongest case, but it's not bad.

    In case anyone wonders, this is definitively a Yani stencil. It has the Yani symbol in 2 different places. I think it corresponds to the 800 models. (Low A, no high F#). I can email additional photos to anyone interested.

    I am asking $2400. Horn can be shipped from Cincinnati, OH or delivered within reasonable distances. Shipping or delivery charges, and paypal fees if any, can be negotiated.

    Please EMAIL me with questions or offers: jaypee DOT phelps AT gmail DOT com

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    Default Re: Yanagisawa Baritone Sax - Vito VSP - $2400 OBO

    I decided to purchase this horn from Joe. It was a perfect buying experience! The horn arrived quickly and was packed well. I had no problems playing the horn right out of the box. The horn itself is a beauty and Joe kept it in pristine shape. I felt like my new 25 year old horn was indeed brand new! I would buy another sax from Joe in a heart beat. Great purchase.

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    Default Re: Yanagisawa Baritone Sax - Vito VSP - $2400 OBO

    Are you still selling this horn? Just wondering.

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    Default Re: Yanagisawa Baritone Sax - Vito VSP - $2400 OBO

    Read the post above you.

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