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    Default FS: Evette Schaeffer/R Malerne Tenor

    My Malerne stencil Evette & Schaeffer and I are calling it quits. I put some money into this horn to get it into playing condition, but I just never got into it. I have long skinny fingers, and the ergo doesn't suit me. Also, the guy I bought it from told me it was the original lacquer, which it's we were off on the wrong foot from the beginning.

    It's going on eBay tomorrow night, but I thought I'd offer it here first.

    • Serial # 38XX
    • Great warm tone/subtone
    • Recently adjusted and regulated (May 2011)
    • Crisp, beautiful engraving, similar to Buffet saxes of the same period
    • No dents / one very small ding in the bell
    • Seems to be built for people with bigger hands
    • Relacquered (there is copper discoloration around solder points)


    Here's the full SOTW disclosure: At some point, the bell was knocked a little bit off center. This had thrown the horn out of adjustment, so I had a my tech guy straighten it out and regulate everything. In the weeks following the repair, it required some periodic tweaking, but it has since settled down pretty well. Middle C plays about 20 cents flat, but you can lip it into tune. I've been told minor variations in intonation like this are typical of some vintage French horns.

    The tech noted that while the pads were of a very high quality, they weren't put on by a professional. There was a bit of shellac gunked up in a few areas, some of which got on the horn. The tech cleaned that up and reseated a number of pads. The low-B pad is actually a wee bit too small for the key cup. It seals and should be good for some time, but I was told it would need to be replaced eventually.

    I've been playing this in my community band for about six months. It's been fun -- it's got a great sound. We play the Pink Panther thing, and I get some really nice subtone out of it looks really nice. I recently picked up a Cleveland tenor that's more suited to me.

    Includes an OK case. I think one of the reasons some of these Malernes got a bad rep in some circles is becuase the case is horribly designed. The sax bounces around in there if you don't put in extra padding (I use towels).

    $300 OBO +shipping.

    Paypal only. This is less than what I paid for it before I had all the repair work done. Ships from St Paul MN.

    I've got more pics than these, so if you'd like to see something else, just send me a message!


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    Default Re: FS: Evette Schaeffer/R Malerne Tenor

    Well...just found out that USPS restricts international shipments to some places to 79" total width + girth. Might work for an alto, but not a tenor like this. I will ship internationally, but it depends on whether or not USPS can send by Priority Mail. Please ask -- hopefully we can find a shipping option that is feasible.

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    Default Re: FS: Evette Schaeffer/R Malerne Tenor

    I've had a few nibbles on this one. Thanks for your interest.

    If no deals are closed by Thursday evening, it's going to go up for auction and you'll need to fight the masses. Why wait until the middle of July to get this horn when you can have it shipped right now!

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    Default Re: FS: Evette Schaeffer/R Malerne Tenor

    Sax has been sold -- thank you!

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    Default Re: FS: Evette Schaeffer/R Malerne Tenor

    Hey,this looked like a good horn,but I just saw this FS ad too late,sad.


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