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    I've been in need of some money lately, and I don't live in the best neighborhood and I can't drive yet so I can't really busk. I was wondering if it was possible to sell sheet music I own. I have a bunch of piano and Saxophone books, and I thought I could just scan them to my computer and sell them that way. Does anybody here have experience in this or knows about the copyright issues and such.

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    Usually it is against the law to make copies of copyrighted material. No lawyer here but I retired from the MPAA supervising copyright infringement cases for them. Tread carefully in any endeavor where you sell copies of anything that is still copyrighted. DAVE

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    Just sell the originals and ship them off in the mail.

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    I have worked for 2 music publishers, one of them the world's largest print publisher of music. If you want to go to jail or/and be hit with a heavy fine, that could be the result of trying to scan and sell copyright material from another publisher online or offline.

    Print puslishers pay for the right to publish in print form music that is under copyright. The print publisher and the owner of the copyright could come after you. I know of people who have gone to federal prison for this, because it is a federal offense for copyright violation. It is just like software, and I also know of people who have gone to jail who have made copies of that and tried to sell it, or sell software that was not legally bought from the company licensed to sell it.

    Get a real job and earn some money. Trying to steal from others is against the law with real life penalties, and busking is a joke. Get a job. Get an education.

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