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    Thumbs up My Mark VI restoration/repair

    Some of the story about my sax.
    I bought this alto Mark VI 112xxx last year in a musician swap meet for reasonable(cheap) price,knowing the potential and market value of the Mark VI's. After one year of searching for parts, I was able to found all the missing parts from others donors Mark VI's. I also bought the Selmer alto flight case. The nick name " el quemao" means "toasted/fried", due to, this sax was inside of a house that caught fire. At this moment,the instrument is out of town getting fix, but I am going to pick it up, hopefully next month(July).
    I will show pics later on,but as it right now enjoy the videos.Thanks
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    Default Re: My Mark VI restoration/repair

    Sounds interesting keep us posted!
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    Nice project!

    Judging by your name, you're an AE86 fan? =P

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    Hi everyone; I just got off of the phone with the guy that sold me this mark VI. I talked to him,because I want to to know more info about this sax,and this is what happened in according with what he just told me.
    Back in the 70's there were a music store in Chicago, and one guy from Tampa Florida will go up there and buy instruments and sell them in his shop in Tampa Florida. One day the music store in Chicago burned down. The time pass by,may be 5 to 10 years, and the guy from Tampa bought a lot of this burned instruments including this alto mark VI. The saxophone sat in his shop for may be another 10 years. Another repair man from Tampa move to Orlando Florida and bought a lot of this burned instruments including this alto mark VI which sat in his shop too for may be another 5 to 10 years, and here is, when I saw the posting for sale and went ahead and bought it, and you guys know the rest of the story. For now, that it is all I got, but definitely I will keep updating any new info.

    Hey sugaki; you are totally correct, I am an AE86 fan and owner of three of them
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