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    Default Vintage Ortheum Tenor Saxophone, Value?

    I have a Vintage Ortheum Tenor Saxophone and i really don't know much about it. I am not sure if the sax is worth getting restored.

    Does and one know anything about this Saxophone?
    Does anyone know what it is worth?
    Is the sax worth getting restored?

    Here are some Pictures:

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    Default Re: Vintage Ortheum Tenor Saxophone, Value?

    This is an ORPHEUM tenor sax not a Ortheum spelling error.

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    Default Re: Vintage Ortheum Tenor Saxophone, Value?

    Hi, there are a few threads asking about Orpheum stencils around, they seem to be from a few different makers...Conn and Rampone commonly.
    This looks to me to be an old German horn from one of the Markneukirchen manufacturers amalgamated into the VEB blowing and signal instruments group; later B&S.
    Apart from deco engraving and red pearls it looks just like this spectacular old Akustik here...
    Not really worth anything, restoration, if it is necessary, could cost more than its value...if you were to sell it... but it might actually be a great old horn if perhaps a bit lumpy ergonomically.
    Depends if you are a "sax collector" or a player whether you take it to a tech and see what it would cost to make it playable.

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    Default Re: Vintage Ortheum Tenor Saxophone, Value?

    Yes, I am a Sax collector and a player. The saxophone is in working order with a great deep sound. Thanks for the information. Hearing this I think I am just going to hold on to it and enjoy it some more.

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