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    More than one Church has been split, or at least went to multiple Services because of resistance to newer (i.e. different) worship music. There is an almost constant battle between contemporary choruses and traditional hymns in many Churches today. At the Church I attend, we try to have a mix, but inevitably someone is not going to be happy.

    I actually had a good friend who left our Church because we had a member start playing the drums (He played very appropriately I might add). She would actually get up and leave during the Worship Service or worse yet, visibly stick her fingers in her hears. Now how’s that for an ego boost to our young budding drummer? I talked with her at great length about it and she was (and still is) convinced that “drums are evil” and no amount of talking would change her mind. Finally I think everyone involved (including her), thought it best that she found a place to worship where she would be more comfortable. I still love this lady dearly, but her “hang up” was causing the Church to not move forward and not doing her spiritual life any favors either.

    The most rewarding thing about working for God: ……the people.

    The most frustrating thing about working for God: ……the people!

    Somehow we must find a way to love them just as Christ loved us. Hey no one said this would be easy did they?

    bstaggs <><

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    Quote Originally Posted by bstaggs View Post
    she was (and still is) convinced that “drums are evil” and no amount of talking would change her mind.
    I wonder if she covers her ears when there are timpanis in Handels' Messiah.

    Or you could direct her to the Bible, psalm 150:5 "Praise Him upon the loud cymbals"

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    Default Re: And now back to our program

    Well it sounds like a racist church and I wouldn't want to play in that venue I mean what is wrong with any music its a matter of taste. I played in a church that had a rock and roll theme and hated it but it got the people moving so its all good

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    yeah, i hear ya, bstaggs. people (us) are people, and we all have our shortcomings. the church is not necessarily a place to cater to our desires/tastes, even in music. it is a place that is supposed to, 1st and foremost, direct us towards god's will. if that woman (or anyone else) considers themselves a genuine member of a church, they must (above all) recognize their personal submission to the master of the church (that'd be god). some things are hard to discern, and we can all see the proof of that, but we have god's word to help us know what HE thinks is good and "evil". the thing about music is that, although the message and delivery need to be cautious, there is no place in the bible (aka "god's word") that describes any instrument as being "evil". and drums go back a long ways. we should all be familiar with the psalm that lists a whole buch of (contemporary) instruments as being included in worship, and says "let everything that has breath praise the lord." some (even a complete denomination) used the scripture "singing and making music in your hearts" as a basis for banning ALL instruments, but that is obviously in error, and i think they have even recognized that now and backed away from that stance.
    so, anyone taking such a point of view is certainly entitled to it, but they are not supported by the ultimate authority of the congregation (actually opposed). however, we all need to be taught, and anyone bowing to that ultimate authority can learn the truth (and be liberated from error).
    however, the matter of taste/preference means that a church is not REQUIRED to use any/all instruments. just because something is not forbidden, and maybe even promoted, doesn't mean it is required. so the OP and similar circumstance may be resolved in different manners - the church admin/leadership determining a preference, or the individual finding a more preferable church. funny thing is, they want to attract the black community with music that NEVER appealed to a black community. hmmmm, go figure.
    AND, if you think about it, a PERSON IS AN INSTRUMENT. the preacher is an instrument that vocalizes god's word (hopefully). a janitor is an instrument that cleans the facilities. etc. we do not ban a person from service because of the way he looks (ie: "black" or "white"). we discriminate based on the actual message or conduct. a sax or drums have a charactierstic "voice" (like a person has a 'look') - can we not use that voice to proclaim good versus evil? how many of us have been "saved" from an evil lifestyle? are we not allowed to speak as a result? even IF the horn belonged to the devil, if god, or an angel, or a christian used it to proclaim good, and it was effective, isn't that a good thing?
    if you could hear what i hear, you'd like it a lot better than what i play.

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