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    Default Quality sheet music for specials

    Hi all, long time listener, first time caller.

    I play Soprano, Alto, and Tenor, and have been asked to do some special music in the church. I used to do this a lot at other churches, but have typically worked with a full band comprised of professional musicians (or close to it). However, I now have only a piano and organ (sometimes a guitar) to back me up, and I just don't feel like music straight out of a hymnal is "enough" for me musically, and the musicians aren't to the caliber I need to do a custom arrangement. Forgive me for skipping the humility part of all this, just letting you see the situation as it stands.

    So, I am now looking for sheet music with accompaniment. It seems like most of what is out there are 10-song books with play-along tracks (usually called TRAX or something silly) that seem to be written for 8th graders. While I could just use this basic melody and take a few liberties, the accompaniment for these books seems to be largely MIDI and fairly bland. I have yet to find one full of good background music.

    Does anyone have any pointers? Right now I'm thinking my best option is to get a solid vocal back track (like stuff from the band Selah), and write my own part for it. This gets me the quality music at the expense of some work hammering out a good part for myself.

    Or, does quality sheet music for saxophone (preferably soprano, but I'm flexible) exist? I'm probably not as picky as I sound, I just want something a little beyond high school level. I miss having great musicians around.

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    Default Re: Quality sheet music for specials

    Hey David,

    Were you able to use what I sent you?
    Good Luck,

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    Default Re: Quality sheet music for specials

    David, I have some really good backing tracks with sheets. What songs are you looking for, jazz, rock, smooth jazz? Just pm me your e-mail and I can send you something.
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    Default Re: Quality sheet music for specials

    Quote Originally Posted by Enviroguy View Post
    Hey David,

    Were you able to use what I sent you?
    I didn't get any PMs or emails... Please try to send it again if you can!

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