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    Didn't see a first tenor in that arrangement - but what a killer freakin' tenor player!

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    Yeah yeah sure it was 'overplayed' yes it was normally. But...did you people hear the audience response, so NOOOO, it was what it was, FINE for that performance.

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    Default Re: Need a big band tenor mouthpiece

    Quote Originally Posted by BarrySachs View Post
    This is all just opinion. Many are good suggestions but the bottom line is this; any tenor mouthpiece is good for big band. The key is knowing how to play in a section. It's all about concept. If you really know how to play, you'll know what the right mouthpieces are.
    I guess I should chime in with a less smug answer, right? I'd have to say that the lowest common denominator tenor mouthpiece amongst pros and students is a metal Otto Link STM. At least since the 1960s. So for almost 50 years the Link has been pretty much standard equipment. At least with a MK6.

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