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    Default iTunes Player and Channel D - Pure Music

    For the fellow audiophile geeks out there, I have discovered a pretty cool thing (I apologize if I'm behind the curve. This software has been out there for a minute or so). The iTunes player software over the years, seems to have lowered it's playback quality. If you import even a full rez 24bit 96K file, it sounds horrible played in iTunes. My guess is it compresses the files of everything so it can work wirelessly with appletv and the likes. Just a theory though. Play the same file in quicktime and it sounds as it should. When i do mixes, the iTunes HUI is a great way to keep track of the different versions and picking the best mix later on. Unfortunately, the sound has gotten so bad, that no longer works. Through a bit of research, I found the software channel D.

    It wraps around the iTunes interface only to give you the same access to your music. But it plays through it's player and sounds amazing! I have it set to upscale everything to 96K since I do playback through an Apogee system. It actually makes the AACs, mp3s, and 44.1 files sound better. Way more open and smooth sounding. I got into it when I was looking for a way to play FLAC files. I've been downloading albums from lately. A lot of artists are offering their albums at 24bit 96K. Sometimes even 192K. The listening experience is crazy! The mastering of these tracks is much quieter, so there are more dynamics. The tracks actually have room to breath. Check out hdtracks. There is a lot of jazz and classical on there, all for the same price of a physical CD.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share my excitement.

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    Default Re: iTunes Player and Channel D - Pure Music

    In related news, Amazon Cloud Drive lets you store your music online and play it back anywhere. There is also an Android player for it:

    You get 5 gigs free and more gigs if you buy 1 album per year. On the downside, you do not want to put any illegally obtained music up there because they surely will be inspecting these files. I believe that all downloaded music bought online has digital markers in it indicating who bought it.

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