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    Default Tips for cleaning a vintage mouthpiece?

    Hello there , I recently inherited my grandfather's metal clarinet (since I'm the only one who plays in the family) and I found a vintage Selmer Paris HS mouthpiece in the case. I have some Sterisol and some Doctor's MP cleaner but I'm hesitant to use either because I don't want to damage the mouthpiece. There's not any calcium build up or gunk on it, so I'm thinking I could just clean it with soap and water. What should I do to clean it?

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    Default Re: Tips for cleaning a vintage mouthpiece?

    If it has no buildup, just soap and water is fine, but do not use hot water. Slightly warm is fine, but hot can discolor and/or warp the mouthpiece. If it does have some buildup, just soak it in white vinegar for a couple of hours and rinse off.

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    Default Re: Tips for cleaning a vintage mouthpiece?

    Either one of the products you have will be safe for the mouthpiece.
    If there is a little discoloration you can gently buff it with a little toothpaste on a wash cloth or cotton ball.
    Otherwise just a quick bath in the leukwarm suds will clean everything up nicely.
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