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    Default UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    I figured I'd start a new thread just to give an update on something I posted about last year when I was having horn trouble - as some may remember, I live in Maine, and posted, with some desperation, a plea for assistance in finding a repair person for my horns - all of which had been worked on by another local and all of which had come back to me in varying states of dis-repair. The advice I got at the time here was of several varieties:

    1) "you're an idiot and don't deserve a working horn."
    2) "buy a leak light"

    well, the only leak light I use is the night light in my bathroom. And maybe I am not worthy, but some nice person here DID suggest Kingston Winds in East Waterboro Maine, about 45 minutes north of where I live. So I got in touch with Joe Kingston, and months later all I can say is: WOW! Joe is not only the nicest guy in the field that I have ever met, but is a master repairman and fine musician. It has taken a little while, but is/was worth the wait - so far he has:

    1) turned my beat up King Zephyr (1940s) alto into a tone machine; took it apart, cleaned it, fixed the leaks, and it sings.
    2) turned my '20 Buescher C Melody into a perfectly working horn, that plays smoothly and swiftly, top to bottom (also realigned the neck so I've stopped getting spasms on fast passages) -
    3) restored my early '40s Bundy/Conn 6m so it plays like a real 6M, loud and fast (and this took some doing, as there were continual problems with the low end that Joe solved by doing some work on the neck).
    4) refaced an old C melody mouthpiece that he had laying around (he opened it up a bit) so now I actually have a mouthpiece to play on that is historically accurate AND lets the C Melody sound like a C Melody - because Joe also does excellent mouthpiece work -

    so all I can say is that I am a satisfied customer, and would not hesitate to send anyone in the direction of Kingston Winds. His rates are reasonable and he is beyond competent - he is a problem solver and master repairman. And did I mention what an incredibly nice guy he is?

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    Default Re: UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    First of all its good to see there all working, I think it was about 4mths ago you posted that thread, certainly been a while

    Regarding the other two comments,slightly out of context. If memory serves me correct no one ever said reference 1, the implication that someone did is a shame that you feel so.
    For some reason you were taking simple comments / recommendations / ideas made by others as an attack on yourself, which they were not, you posted details of the problem others replied with honest and genuine responses which were not derogatory or attaclking, for some reason they were taken as such.

    Reference 2 was in regards to your statement that the local repair guys, and it was a few if I remember correctly not just one, but they all did not have a clue and you wanted it fixed right, you made a comment that they had improved but still were not working, the leak light recommendation was not for you to go ahead and repair your instrument but merely to assess the work carried out by others, then a fair and just assessment can be given by yourself on there repair skills

    Either way good to see there fixed to the standard your after and happy playing, this is a genuine statement and not anything that should be construed otherwise
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    Default Re: UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    well, not to belabor things, but if one reads back (and it's not really worth the time) my statements about my personal travails in getting the horns worked on really did lead to a number of posts that were (sometimes not so) thinly veiled personal attacks - basically saying that it was my own fault because I did not know enough about the horns personally and how to fix them.

    but that's water over the pads to me now.

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    Default Re: UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    Always good to find a competent tech, especially when they are also good people. I've been burned in the past, learned an expensive lesson. My tech is about an hour from me and at times it's difficult to get up there, but it's worth the trip.

    "water over the pads.." I like that, maybe have to borrow it. LOL

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    Default Re: UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    yes, I feel lucky - Joe has taken a lot of time with the horns to get them right, as they are oldies with various problems (and hasn't really charged me what this might really have cost; he took some pity on me) - especially the Bundy/6m which had him stumped for a time - everything was sealed, pad-wise, but the bottom end was dodgy - until he did something (I couldn't even tell you what) to the neck - and now it's a real 6m.

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    Default Re: UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    If it really is water over the pads, I'd wager it was at best unnecessary and at worst water-muddying to use it to lead off the thread.

    Good news! Glad you got your horns working well. It's quite a feeling, yes? Makes it hard to play a horn that isn't in excellent shape ever again.
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    Default Re: UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    he's got two more altos of mine, a Conn 1928 (transitional?) and a later Buescher 400 that plays great. Given the amount that needs to get done, he has kindly agreed to spread it out.

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    Default Re: UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    It is providing experiences like yours for customers that makes instrument repair worthwhile as a profession.
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    Default Re: UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    Glad to hear you got them sorted out. Sometimes it's hard to find a good sax tech. Once you find one never let them go -- unless they move out of the area, and then you can always mail it to them. I know someone that does that.
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    Default Re: UPDATE: getting the horns fixed

    actually, yes, Joe is trying to move West - but I don't care where he goes, my horns will follow.

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