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    Default Shipping a saxophone without a case?

    What is the best way to go about this?

    I'm sure that Phil Barone posted a thread about this a while back, but I can't seem to find it.

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    Default Re: Shipping a saxophone without a case?

    I don't recall Phil posting on this, but I've shipped a sax without a case very successfully.

    I used a very strong box that was about 3-4 inches bigger than the sax in each dimension, used plenty of 1" thick sheet foam, not wrapped too tightly, with several layers at the neck end and bell bottom, to protect the sax, and then used styrene beads around the foam parcel. The sheet foam was taped up with packing tape, and I think it's really important that the sax isn't wrapped too tightly in the sheet foam sheet. A bigger box can be used, and the excess volume filled with styrene beads.

    It reached its destination on the other side of the country in mint condition, and the way Australia Post throws parcels round, that's testimony to good packing.

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    Default Re: Shipping a saxophone without a case?

    I had good luck shipping a tenor to Hong Kong w/o a case. I wrapped the horn in bubble wrap, got a box a few inches bigger than the horn in each dimension, and had a packing/shipping place fill it up with that expanding foam stuff.

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    Default Re: Shipping a saxophone without a case?

    ive had horns shipped to me with things wedged into the pads as well to keep them stable....that seems to be a good idea......
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    Default Re: Shipping a saxophone without a case?

    I once bought a Chu Berry, that i presumed came in a case, it dident but instead was wrapped up in an old curtain with the neck wrapped in bubble wrap and stuffed down the bell, it only had to travel from one side of the UK to the other but landed completely unscathed.

    When i eventually sold it i suggested the buyer send me his case and i would pack it and send it back, he declined and made something like a 350-400 mile round trip to pick it up!... So much for trust i guess!!!

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    Default Re: Shipping a saxophone without a case?

    I had a TT alto from the States that was in the middle of a box full of polystyrene chips. The sax was fine but I HATE those polystyrene chips!
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