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    Default Identifying used LA Sax alto by serial number

    I'm thinking of buying a used black and gold LA Sax alto but I'd like to research the age and model of it first. Does anyone know of a way to identify it by the serial number? I played in school with a silver Selmer USA model but I sold the thing 15 years ago and haven't played since. I've recently started playing around with my first horn; a 30 year old Bundy that has seen better days, that's why I'm looking to buy a "new" horn. The LA Sax is very affordable but I don't want something I've got to dump alot of money into; I've also looked into the Orpheus Signature Series Models. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Identifying used LA Sax alto by serial number

    David Schottle at David's Instrument Repair ( Carrollton, Texas ) worked for L.A. Sax for 6 years... email him and ask him what he knows, David is a very helpful & knowledgeable guy...
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