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Thread: Borg saxophone?

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    Default Borg saxophone?

    Hi Im needing a little help i recentle ran into a saxophone i have never heard of it called a Borg if anyone has any info on it i would really like it if you shared it with me thanks a lot

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    The Borg brand is another Helmke to me. They're available at Sam's Club, and they're not very good, lacking mostly durability. If I were you, I would opt for a used Yamaha AS23, or Selmer Bundy rather than this, they're much more reliable, and nearly the same price. Even if this is for a very young student, if the sax doesn't work, then they're not going to want to practice. That happened to me before I found that my school also had a YTS23, the other thing was a old buescher that needed repair.

    Glad to help

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    I bought a Borg at Sam's but I didn't have enough wind to get the low notes out, so had to return it. For just about the same price, I bought a Solist from Kessler Music (top of this page). No problem with the Solist, I was able to play all notes, bad lungs and all, but I have to use a student mpc that I bought from the Borg people (First Act Productions). I can't blame the Borg sax because I have really bad lungs. The Borg people are nice to deal with, their sax is absolutely beautiful and the case that comes with it is outstanding but it just wasn't for me.

    Kessler's Solist is a terrific horn for very little money and they are great to deal with too. I understand there aren't very many playable low priced horns out there. I hope you make a good decision. Good luck to ya!
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    thank you very much for you help!! im glad i know more about it now thank you once again.

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    Believe it was one of the retail-store giants, believe it was Costco or Walmart that carried this flute, evidently they suck so much that it was removed from the shelves. The Borg may head for the same destiny.

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