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    Default Chinese Christian Song - Constructive criticism?

    This is my first first time posting! Here is a link to me playing. Please give me feedback and tips on improving

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    Default Re: Chinese Christian Song - Constructive criticism?

    any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Chinese Christian Song - Constructive criticism?

    Hello and welcome to SOTW!

    I'm a christian and happened to play sax in a worship for the first time a couple weeks ago, so I may not be qualified to comment.

    You played nicely at the solo intro and blended well into the whole group afterwards. And it's good to see your group really brought the congregation towards Lord, which is the most important thing in a worship.

    A couple of comments though...first about intonation, especially when many instruments of about the same range are played together. I thought some notes you played during the chorus are flat? e.g. the (ti) note at 1:56-57. It could be other players' - correct me if I'm wrong.

    About the solo at intro. :-
    a. It does show that you practiced a lot to play a steady passage, but somehow feels like it's not played "free" enough.

    b. I suppose you played the last phrase of chorus as an intro, but you combined 2 adjacent notes that are the same pitch into one long note, for several times. I know the song and the lyrics, the adjacent notes are supposed to be 2 words. I think it's better if you played them as-is.

    For a small group you still got a sax, a trumpet, a flute, a keyboard, a guitar, a piano, 3 violins, a cello and drumset? Intonation could really be a challenge; they also need to be mic-ed accordingly, or I think the sax+trumpet would cover the sound of all other instruments.

    So that's my 0.02. Pray to Lord and keep up the good work!
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    Default Re: Chinese Christian Song - Constructive criticism?

    Thanks for the comments!

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