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    Default What do you charge??

    Hi guys,

    what do you approximately charge for 2h gigs at restaurants, corporate events and the like?
    Sth. around 200 USD?
    And how is that taxed?


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    Default Re: What do you charge??

    Moreover, what about using playalong CDs on those gigs? What about the copyright? Is it okay because it was already priced in during the purchase? Thx!

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    Default Re: What do you charge??

    $200 would be great for a little 2h gig in the corner of a restaurant or something. $100 would be okay if there's no real travel or other expenses associated with it - blow and go.
    Taxes: It's complicated. If the boss hands you cash and you don't have to give him any information, no income can be reported in your name for that gig. If he gets your name, address and SSN, be expecting a 1099 in January. This will represent income reported to IRS that you must reflect on your tax form. Get this straight right off the bat so you'll know how to plan. If, for example, you wind up playing with the same guy at the same place frequently, there will almost certainly be a 1099 coming your way regardless of payment method. The reason is, if the bandleader gets paid more than $600 in a year at the same place, he is going to get a 1099 for the entire amount. He must be able to relieve himself of this tax burden, so he has to send a 1099 to everybody he paid from that same gig.
    You don't have to be incorporated or have a business license to use Schedule C for showing expenses to defray your music income. Basically, music is a traveling business, so you get to use the mileage allowance and other things on this form. If your net income after expenses is $400 or more, you have to pay FICA on it.
    The best thing to do is to find out from whoever is paying you what the deal is on payment method.
    It's best to be paid before the gig. Failing that, you should receive payment in the agreed-upon form before leaving the venue. If you play a lot with a trusted person, other arrangements can be cool, like getting a check in the mail.

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    Default Re: What do you charge??

    Is it similair for Europe?

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    Our soul & blues 10 piece charges approximately £250/300 for a club or pub session and maybe upto £500 if possible for some functions. Depends on the willingness of the client. Overall the rates have been coming down in recent years, but fortunately we play to enjoy it rather than as a career.

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