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    Default FS: David Jary Custom Tenor Mouthpiece

    I have a perfect condition David Jary Custom Hard Rubber tenor mouthpiece, with a rollover baffle. It is a .108. It is a great playing mouthpiece, but I am doing more of the fusion thing now and it just does not get played. $100 with free shipping to the lower 48 states. Thanks...

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    Default Re: FS: David Jary Custom Tenor Mouthpiece

    Price drop to $75.00 Thanks...

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    Default Re: FS: David Jary Custom Tenor Mouthpiece

    May I recommend this deal: whatever one thinks of Dave Jary (and I personally never had any problem with the few transactions I struck with him), his pieces have an excellent quality/price ratio: they deliver, have a warm and puchy sound with a definite edge, good upper register. And at $ 75, it's a bargain.
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    Default Re: FS: David Jary Custom Tenor Mouthpiece

    sold... thanks jacques5646 for your input..

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