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    (phew, I hope this is the right place :'D )

    So I'm in high school, and tomorrow we're having a guest conductor! Although I forgot who he is, I do know that he is very... DRAMATIC. Lots of excess motion. But I really can't wait~

    However, I have to say, my favourite guest was Mr. Sam Hazo! A few years ago, for my band's spring concert, we played a bunch of his songs (wind ensemble played Ride, Perthshire Majesty, and Across the Halfpipe. Symphonic band - that's me! - played In Flight, In Heaven's Air, and Our Kingsland Spring). Mr. Hazo spent the final days leading up to our concert working with us. It was great - he even added in notes to my part to make up for the lack of a french horn! He was really fun and energetic, and he conducted In Flight and In Heaven's Air for us at our concert. I really wish I had been able to stay to watch wind ensemble... I could've gotten an autograph D:

    (as a random note, in a few years - once everyone that was in band the year Mr. Hazo came graduate - apparently Mr. Hazo is coming back. So in prep we're playing another song by him for our winter concert, Rest. AND IT'S EVIL. I have no endurance, so playing 36 measures at 42 bpm is ridiculous.)

    Has your high school or college ever had a guest conductor? What'd you think of them? O:

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    In high school, on home games we would often play the Star Spangled Banner with the guest band and their director or drum major conducting. It was always a catastrophe, no matter who was conducting, neither band would really watch the conductor, they would just play at their own pace and the conductor would follow their own band. What resulted was a cacophony, two Star Spangled Banner echoing each other. At first I believed it was just our band, but over time I've come to realize that whoever was on the right tempo depended entirely on who the conductor followed.

    Aside from that, and Dr. Bartner from USC when we visited their marching band for a clinic, we never had anybody but the director and, on a rare occasion, a volunteering student conduct the band.

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    In October 1974(senior age 16), we had a guest conductor, Mr. Falcone. He was seeking his NYS school supervisor's license, meaning he was going for department chairman which made him an assistant principal and he could be eventually principal. We were told in advance that he was coming and to give him our undivided attention, as he was being judged. We went to band class the next day. His judge greeted us. We met Mr. Falcone. He had to conduct Frescobaldi's TOCCATA AND FUGUE IN C MINOR, plus another piece in D minor. We did well. He conducted us with ease and grace. When it was over, we saw the judge was pleased. We wished Mr. Falcone well. He sent us a thank-you note, telling us he was promoted! Those days are over. Kids, respect your teachers and go the extra mile for them. It will pay off handsomely. Teachers, be professional. Act like one and you will be treated like one. When you know that you are right, stand up for it. When you are wrong, SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. I am dissatisfied with what I see in education. The teaching and the teachers are lacking and ****-poor. I see teachers not behaving themselves in the presence of their classes and in public You are not preparing your students for high school and college. OR FOR LIFE. MINE DID. It is nice to hear when an elementary school band teacher sends students ready for HS. Sadly, I am told that HS musicians are sent NOT READY for college-level. "Take the time. Make the time," my priest invites us prior to Christmas and Easter liturgies. Everything in life, invest the time. It is a better investment than money. Yet, it might put money in your pocket, as well as satisfaction. If anyone from Brooklyn remembers Mr. Falcone, I would love to hear from him.

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