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Thread: Runyon Not for tenor???

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    Default Runyon Not for tenor???

    I've been playing on a metal spoiler series for my tenor for a few months and it has not been working for me. I have one for my alto and soprano and they are the best mp with the spoiler in or out.
    My tenor on the other hand, doesn’t sound any different from my other jazz mp (Woodwind Thunderbolt). My old mp is better b/c I can play low notes. On the Runyon I have a hard time doing it, but it is a little easier without the spoiler. With out the spoiler is sound duller than my classical mp.

    Should I try a new reed other than the ones I've tried (La Voz, Rico) already, or should I just start looking for a different kind of mp.

    I play on Marca 1.5 reeds and Yanagisawa T900, A901, S800.

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    JL - a one and 1/2 reed is not very strong. What size opening is your mpc and how long have you been playing sax altogether? Is it possible that your mpc opening is small and, with a weak reed, the reed is closing on you, or is at least, not giving you the range of performance you need?

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    It's a Runyon 5, and I've been playing sax a little over 10 years. The thing is I tried to move to a harder reed but I just can't get a good sound on it. I moved up to a 2 and played nothing but a 2 for about 2 weeks and it just wasn't working. Even my friend told me to go back to a 1.5 b/c it was better for me.
    But this is a Marca 1.5 so it's like a 2 in most other reeds from what I've played on. With my other mp I could play for hours and the reed holds up well, but I'll try a new reed before I get another mp b/c I like the way the Runyon sounds.

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    I have a variety of RUNYON mouthpieces for Alto, Tenor, and Baritone, and they all work wonderfully. I think they are some of the best plastic mouthpieces available. I use either Vandoren ZZs, Rico Royals, or Rico Plasticover depending on the mouthpiece in question.
    You might want to play around with several makes of reed, as well as reed strength. All reeds are NOT created equal, and some just will not work right on certain setups/horns.
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    i agree -i havnt played a runyon i havnt liked yet. you just need to find the right reed -mpc combo.

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