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Thread: No large chamber?

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    Default No large chamber?

    Why doesn't Runyon make a mpc with a large chamber?

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    Default Large chamber Runyon

    Paul Coats - can you comment on this? Got me curious too, although the SR thread might be the answer...
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    I think the SR is a large chamber. We did have a discussion on it in the thread mentioned. The 88 has a bigger chamber as well but it's sometimes difficult to tell with the runyon pieces because the chambers are elongated.
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    the quantum has a big chamber but also a long step-baffle that probably reduces chamber volume some.

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    It's probably big, but not large.

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    The chambers of all the Runyons are designed to give good intonation.

    Some mistakenly think a big chamber makes a louder tone. It does not. Volume comes from the baffle, specifically, the first 1/4" of baffle right behind the tip rail.

    The Custom bari sax has a big chamber, in fact, nearly as large as the bore. The bore is also the chamber on these mouthpeices. The bore extends well up into the window area.

    Same with the SR tenor. The SR alto differs from the Custom alto mainly in the baffle.

    If you would look at the baffle angle, it is not much different from a Selmer or other classical piece. It is the extended bore that makes the baffle appear to be "high". The baffle is quite moderate.

    If by large chamber you mean like the old Buescher, Rascher, Caravan type mouthpieces, these do not tune well with modern instruments, and the tone is very tubby and unfocused.

    If you are looking for classical/concert band mouthpieces from Runyon, look at the Finesse for alto, and the Model 88 for tenor.
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