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Thread: Runyon Harmony Clarinet Mouthpieces

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    Default Runyon Harmony Clarinet Mouthpieces

    How are they? I've been in the market for a really open bass clarinet mouthpiece for playing jazz, and buying a runyon and having them open it to a 12 or so at the factory would be cheaper then getting one of the more open selmer mouthpieces. Has anyone tried them? I'm also interested in anyone's experiances with the runyon contra mouthpiece, because the C* with my school contra-alto is extremely nasty. Thanks!

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    I tried a Runyon BC MP a while back with their stock facing and a Spoiler. I thought it was horrible. My Vandoren was better. I've since switched to Charles Bay.

    I've tried making more open BC MPs but they do not seem to work the same as opening up sax pieces. I think there are diminishing returns above .085". There are different optimal facing curve needs too compared to a sax. I do not fully understand them but recognize that there are issues here.

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