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    Hey Doremifaman,

    I wouldn't know if I was "torching-up" in Kuching, but I sure had a lot of fun. Lots of laughter from me and my friends, because the musicians that were playing were such a funny bunch, and even the head organiser also was giving me such a good hard time with his jokes!

    The gig itself was great la. You could read all about it, now that I've started a blog. YOu can read a whole deal about it from my point of view there. Here's the site:

    How're you doing?

    George, looks like I have to wait a while before I could go to Singapore. I've got quite a number of stuff lined up for September. Gonna be a busy one. I met Bobby Singh and Boon Gee at Kuching Jazz Fest. You know them? Really cool fellas...


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    Hey, Julian!

    Visited the site but I see that its a Christian Site. Did you post your views there somewhere? Can't seem to find it.


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    Oops.. my bad.

    It's I missed the "S".

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    Hey Julian,

    Have not been surfing to this site as I was away to China for the past few weeks.

    Boon Gee is my band's resident drummer lah! band will be performing in KL Sentral (Hilton) on Oct 2nd and maybe 1st. Perhaps we can do some catching up then

    Now, I need an el cheapo and good soprano sax. Any recommendations?


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    Hey guys, if you didn't know already, Mahidol University Bangkok, along with the Thai govt are organising the International Thailand Saxophone Conference, which will be held from the 26 - 29th this month, at Bangkok. Check out this website for details:

    It should be a really fun event. I'm going to be there to check it out as well. And on the final day, there're putting together a 79-piece saxophone orchestra (among other programmes) to play a couple of songs for the King of Thailand's birthday thing.

    I know it's a little late to inform, but better late than never. You'll never know what you might get there...

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    I know it's a little late to inform, but better late than never...

    just to let you know i once played in your country for almost 2 years..

    DE Luxe Nite club in Ampang Park KL, December 1997- june?1998 then transfered to De Luxe Nite club in JB until 1999 ( i am a sax (SAT),2nd keyboard player in a show band, not the big band) never heard from that place since i left ..any news?...Thanks
    SOPRANO SAX - Cannonball raven - Dukoff D7
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