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    Default The New (recording) Deal=360°

    A new type of record label contract has come to be known as a "360 deal" (as in "360 degrees in a circle") since it seeks to make the label a participant in revenue streams from every quarter of an artist’s career.
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    Default Re: The New (recording) Deal=360°

    In 2002, British pop star Robbie Williams signs a 360 deal with EMI (for 80 Million pounds.) They've been around for a while and I think most of the high profile ones have turned out unprofitable for the labels.

    I think the prevalent trend is record companies offering artists profit split deals with no Advances and paying no mechanical royalties (unless it is to a third party music publisher for a Cover song.

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    Default Re: The New (recording) Deal=360°

    Record companies have felt the hands of the reaper on their shoulders for 10 years, this sort of "deal" which in reality is "exclusive slavery" is the last gasp. The sooner these greed driven parasites disappear and artists have direct revenue streams from things like itunes the better.
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    Default Re: The New (recording) Deal=360°

    "360 deals have come around as the recording labels response to three major trends in the music industry in recent years: (1) the steady decline of revenue from record sales, (2) the increase in prices of tickets to live events and fan expenditure on merchandise and (3) the strengthening of the capabilities of the collecting societies and publishers getting better at their roles which translates in income from public performance and synchronization becoming more and more significant."

    more on this here:

    and a template with preview here:

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