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Thread: Amati Saxes

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    I just had the opportunity to work on an Amati tenor sax. It was actually engraved with the Jean Baptiest logo with is the house brand for Sam Ash Music. But it was also engraved "Made in Chech Republic". So I went to Amati's web site and looked around. The horn I worked on was a ATS63SG Super Calssic. I was pretty impressed! A nice solid horn with a great big sound!!! The key work was designed a little different than I was used to, but it felt very good. Has anyone else played one of these???

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    I have an ATS-31, that's an ex "Super Classic" as well, probably in a less refined state than a '63.
    It sounds great so far - however it currently has a pesky D pad that causes some motorboating in the low range, but I'm confident I find the time this summer to fix her up!

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    I used to own an Amati ATS-32 Black Lacquer Tenor (from 2001). I sold it a couple years ago because though I loved the tone (sweet, rich, dark tone, a lot like a Conn or Keilwerth), the action was too stiff, and not fast enough. After owning it for 2 years, the action fell out of regulation (big tiime!). I set it back up, made it playable, and sold it. Just didn't hold up to the rigors of part-time gigging I guess.
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