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    Default Opinions about a "Crampon & Cie" clarinet

    I would like to sell my daughter's unused clarinet, but I don't know the first thing about them. Printed on its all the pieces is

    Crampon & Cie
    A Paris

    I believe we between 500 and a thousand for it, but I don't remember anything more specific.

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    Default Re: Opinions about a "Crampon & Cie" clarinet

    What year did you purchace the clarinet, and was it new or used?
    Does it need any work done to it, ie new pads?
    Are the keys nickle or silver plated? Do they show signs of wear?
    Age key finish, and any required repairs will be a factor in determining the selling price.

    Buffet E11s' are very nice intermediate level clarinets.
    I would think that if it were in perfect playing condition and showed little signs of wear you should be able to get $500 for it.
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    Default Re: Opinions about a "Crampon & Cie" clarinet

    We bought it new in in 2004. My daughter played it for two years. She took good care of it while she played it, but it's been sitting in its case every since.

    I'll bet the pads are still good, unless they are too dry; they are white and uniformly thick.

    I don't know about the key finish; the color is like silver that needs to be polished, but it is not tarnished in any way. Would silver-plated keys tarnish if they are kept in a sealed velvet case for several years? I know silverware doesn't. They do not look worn.

    Thanks for giving me an idea of what it's worth!

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