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    Default Eddie and the Cruisers - Who was the sax player......

    for the John Cafferty and the BeaverBrown Band? 8)

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    Our resident Historian, John Laughter, is the one to ask this question.
    I'll stake my alzhiemers tablets on: Michael "tunes" Antune with John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.
    Read a story somewhere, about him being asleep in a hotel room, and he wakes up to the scene in Eddie & the Cruisers, where the sax player od's in his hotel room. It was on the hotel movie channel. Freaky thing to wake up to. 8)

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    Dog, you are correct.

    However, newking I have never been able to get a response from the web site so I do not know his set-up. You might be able to tell from this photo;

    Top 40 hits




    John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band

    John Cafferty, vocals, guitar
    Gary Gramolini, guitar
    Robert Cotoia, keyboards
    Pat Lupo, bass
    Michael “Tunes” Antunes, saxophone
    Kenny Jo Silva, drums

    Even with a hometown in Narragansett, RI, theses guys qualify for inclusion in the Boston Rock & Roll Museum, if solely for the amount of sets they played, long before being famous, in long gone clubs, like KKK Katy’s, Bunratty’s, and The Groggery. Just as The Beatles left home for months at a stretch and went to the Reperbahn in Germany, working nightly and sometimes 8 (eight!) sets on any given Sunday, they had no reason not to become a personally close, and musically tight-knit unit. The Beaver Brown guys worked together for over a dozen years, gigging night in and night out, 6 and 7 night club gigs, 2 and 3 sets a night, and deserved the ultimate success that came their way.

    In 1972 the band began by playing the usual covers in the usual local clubs and colleges. They worked themselves into a better band and took more and more “road-work” on Cape Cod, the Jersey Shore, ski-resort country and in Boston proper. Along comes Antunes about 1977 and the band tours all of New England. In 1980, the boys record a single, “Wild Summer Nights/Tender Years,” which got some airplay along the Eastern seaboard and got the kids a showcase gig at New York’s prestigious Bottom Line club.

    In 1981, veteran producer Kenny Vance, who sang with Jay & The Americans during the sixties, took movie director Martin Davidson to see one of their shows. Davidson offered Cafferty the job of writing the music for what was to become the film “Eddie and the Cruisers.” The Beaver Brown single was naturally added to the score. The movie was released in the late summer of 1983 to decent reviews but a tepid (some say seasonal) box office. However, when the flick was showcased on TV’s movie channel, HBO, during the summer of 1984, the soundtrack began selling in large quantities. This resulted in a renewed interest in the band that recorded the sound track (but did not appear in the movie itself). The boys found themselves in big demand. Ironically, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band came to the forefront of the pop music scene, eclipsing the actors who starred as Eddie and the Cruisers.

    Bio courtesy

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