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Thread: What's up with the Runyon XL?????????????

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    Default What's up with the Runyon XL?????????????

    I recently put in an order for the Runyon XL with the spoiler from Charlie A's gigdust.com. Mind you this is after a lengthy decision making process, now that i finally decided to get the mouthpiece i was informed that Runyon hasn't made these mouthpieces in months and Charlie A still had them posted on his website. Come on guys this just ain't right. I want my Runyon XL w/spoiler. Does anyone know of an alternative site where i can get one?

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    Like any manufacturing process, Runyon does not make every mouthpiece in their extensive line continually. They set up for one model, run a gazillion, and then set up for another model. This time of year they are cranking out thousands of student models for the various instrument manufacturers for student instruments to be delivered this summer, and sold at the beginning of the school year to the newest crop of future Chu Berrys, Charlie Parkers, and Grover Washington, Jr's.
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    MojoBari's got one on his web site. Slightly modified, but I hear his work is great.


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    Mojo's work is fantastic. If you're looking for an XL and the tip opening of Mojo's is good for you, I'd grab it!
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    The one on MojoBari sight is for tenor, i need one foralto. Thank you Mr. Coats for replying to my e-mails.

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