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    Default Need Composers with Conterversal Thoughts and Ideas

    So, first off, i am in a highschool music class, and this is the first year that we are going to have to do a term paper. It is due monday (i thought it wasn't due for another week after that, so you hopefully you can understand my franticism.)

    So I had to take one of the 7 concepts that we considered in class, and a composer, and make an oral report out of it (as well as a written one)
    I chose to do it on "Music and philosophy." In class we discussed Wagner, and how his political views (hating Jews) whether it can be removed from his music, or that his music somehow most likely reflects his thoughts and opinions.

    So I need some more composers, any time, preferably classical (not classic time period, just classic style) that had some conterversial ideas...

    Please let me know the name of the composer, and possibly his most famous work... Thank you VERY much


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    Default Re: Need Composers with Conterversal Thoughts and Ideas

    John Cage. Definitely John Cage.
    Read "Silence".
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    Smile Re: Need Composers with Conterversal Thoughts and Ideas

    Mozart -- Magic Flute
    Bach -- Well-tempered Clavier
    Jacques Offenbach -- for his Operettas

    All went strongly against standards of their time.

    What about Dizzy Gillespie/Charlie Parker (yes, they also were composers), whom Louis Armstrong insulted profusely?

    (Would do you good to spell "controversial" properly)
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