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    Question Buffet Bass Mouthpiece Size?

    I have a Buffet Crampon Paris bass clarinet mouthpiece that I'd like to know
    the tip and facing measurements.

    On one side in very small letters it reads EPE and on the opposite side it shows
    the letters JM. This is a new mpc. and I can find no comparison charts that
    list any Buffets. It appears to be the same or similar dimensions as the Selmer C* and the Yamaha 5C, both listed as 1.80 tip openings.

    Anyone offer any information/insight? Thanks kindly from 'new to the bass beast'!

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    Default Re: Buffet Bass Mouthpiece Size?

    You could try going to the website of Ernst Schreiber, who makes the "EPE JM" mouthpieces used by Buffet (also sold separately by various retailers). The dimensions should be available there.
    Dave Spiegelthal

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