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Thread: Runyon break-in period?

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    Default Runyon break-in period?

    I just got a Runyon Custom yesterday through WWBW. At first it was pretty good, but then started sounding kind of stuffy. Now it's beginning to sound sweeter, but with enough edge for "funk" music, like Pick up the Pieces(my high school group plays a wide variety of stuff, from funk to latin to swing and recently some ballads). I'm curious to know how long it usually takes to break-in these mouthpieces. I'm really starting to like its tone, altissimo just flows from it, and the spoiler is pretty cool. I just wonder about how long it will take to get the tonal quality up to its full potential. By the way, my setup is a SA80 II, Runyon Custom 7, Fibracell medium reeds, and a Rovner clarinet lig, though I may buy a Vandoren master lig, since super20dan recommended it, in case setup may affect the optimum tone. Thanks for all of the help.

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    Is it "breaking in" the mouthpiece or just you getting used to it?

    You just got it yesterday. It isn't unusual for me to take several months of playing a new piece exclusively until I really become one with it.

    I have loved a lot of pieces the first day I tried them and then hated them the next day. You really have to put a lot of time into playing a piece and not switch back and forth between pieces to really get your sound out of it. You will make subtle and unconscious changes to your embouchure as you learn to play the piece. It's not like a new pair of sneakers or baseball glove.

    If you think you're on the right track with this piece, keep playing with it and be patient.

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    I've now gotten used to my custom spoiler, and I love the sound it gives: a warm, rich, bright sound that can be pretty edgy when I push it enough. I think you were right, KevyD, it wasn't the mpc...it was me!

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