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    Default Yamaha 4C or Rico B3? for Soprano

    Hello everybody,

    Sorry for this type of question again, but I can't find a post that people actually compared these two mouthpieces.

    I've been playing alto for a while, now moving to Soprano. I feel that Sopranos are not easy to blow, so I beilieve I will need a good mouthpiece to start with.

    About the Yamaha 4C, I beileve 70% of the people here will recommend it for a starter, I also use 4C for my alto. On the other hand, Rico made the Graftonite B3 for the starters, so I assume it's also very easy to blow. Price of 4C is around double of B3.

    Anyone actually tried these two mouthpieces and tell me your experience?
    or if there's other good mouthpiece for starter that's in the same price range?

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    Default Re: Yamaha 4C or Rico B3? for Soprano

    I haven't played them on soprano. But, from experiences on Alto, I'd recommend the Rico. Also from my experiences playing Rico's, they tend to be very close. I'd recommend the B5 or B7, as I suspect the B3 to be uncomfortably close. Try them, if you can. If you can't, buy the Rico. Actually, buy a b3, a b5, and a b7, keep the one that plays best, and sell the rest here, or on an auction web site.

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    Default Re: Yamaha 4C or Rico B3? for Soprano

    I have actually own them both, and I prefer the Yamaha 4C for my Yamaha YSS475 Soprano. They are both relatively inexpensive, I have seen both for less than $20. Order through WWBW and they will let you try out 4 mpcs for the price of one. Try them out then send the other 3 back once you have made a decision.
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    Default Re: Yamaha 4C or Rico B3? for Soprano

    I just got a Yamaha 5C (seller mislabeled, thought it was a 4C) for my Kessler Custom Sop. Although not quite as free blowing as my Runyon Custom 6, it's quite a bit smoother, and darker and full, but not quite as focused. Still, and easy blowing piece with decent intonation. As I am also a beginner on soprano (quite a few years on a C* on the Alto, D** on the Tenor, though now trying a Phil Tone Link TE 7) I'd have to say that the Yamaha is a safe bet. I've seen them new for as low as the mid 30's from links from this site, and I picked up my 5C for $25 used.

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    Default Re: Yamaha 4C or Rico B3? for Soprano

    If you are just starting on soprano, I think a 4C is a terrific mpc. I played one on my soprano for a couple of years, even preferring it over a Selmer Super Session, which had come highly recommended. Frankly, I don't think you can go wrong with it.
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    Default Re: Yamaha 4C or Rico B3? for Soprano

    thank you for all your comments!

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