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Thread: Legeres on Finesse/88 for classical?

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    Default Legeres on Finesse/88 for classical?

    Has anybody had any luck with Legeres on their Runyon Finesse or 88? I found them buzzy on my Finesse alto, but it might have just been the strength. I haven't tried them on my 88 tenor, and I'm just afraid that if I go for a different strength on alto, or try them on my tenor, that I'll get too much buzz. Anybody care to comment?

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    Legere is the darkest sounding synth reed I have played. Most synth reeds get really buzzy if you go below 2.5 in strength. Some can be heard at 2.5 too, but 3 and harder usually have a clear tone.

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    Eulipion2, what tip opening for alto did you get, what strength legere did use, and was it a brand new legere? I just got hold of a finesse (I posted a review a few posts down) and was contemplating the use of legeres on it. I have a feeling that legeres, even though plastic, may conform to a particular mouthpiece so used ones might not work as well. I'll let you know my results.

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    I got a Finesse 5 with a fairly new Legere 2 3/4. I think maybe a 3 or a 3 1/4 might be better, but it's too close to juries to worry about all that now. Legere's worked really well on my Rascher, but when I switched over to a Finesse, the Legeres got too buzzy. Perhaps I should try a new one this summer. They have a money-back guarantee, after all...

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    Record yourself with both mouthpiece, several different reeds. You may be hearing "reed slap" through your teeth more on the Runyon due to the difference of material of the mouthpiece. It may literally be "all in your head" and not audible to other listeners.
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