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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Hello all. My name is Patrick McManus. I played the Alto Saxophone from 6th grade all the way through High School. I won the John Philip Sousa award in 2004 as a HS senior at Berea Community High School in Berea KY. I played a 1970's Buescher Aristocrat though all those years. I remember a time when the Buescher was in the shop and having to play another horn (a much newer Yamaha student model). I recall it felt very alien playing this horn since it actually had good ergonomics. lol! I suppose I had to work alot harder to play faster and squeeze good tone out the Old Aristocrat. That may have helped me progress and become a better player too. I don't know. I took up playing electric guitar in middle school. I ended up playing guitar later in Jazz Band as well. I have a few guitars, my favorites being, my '01 American Series Strat and my '06 Jaguar Special HH. I love playing the Strat through my Hot Rod Deville 2x12 or my '72 Champ. After High School I joined the Coast Guard and didn't play the Sax very much at all. But I did manage to buy myself a Yamaha YAS 62II during that time. I'm now out of the military and getting ready to go to College, where I'll start playing Sax regularly again. I recently relocated from Kentucky to Minnesota as well. If anyone knows any good places to see good live sax music around here - let me know. Also if anyone knows any good, reputable Sax techs around here too, please inform me. I'd like the action lowered on my Yamaha sometime. I'm very new to Minnesota and the surrounding areas.



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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    New member as of yesterday.

    I have an ancient Vito alto (plays like mad but needs re-worked every few years), new Antigua 526-AN tenor (antique finish - KILLER tone), '62 vintage re-issue strat, 87 strat plus, a couple ovation acoustics, etc.

    Haven't played in 20 years - but am getting back into the scene now that my wife and I are separating and my kids aren't so little any more that they need watched 24/7.

    Wondering about mic's.... I have both SM 57 and a 58. I'm thinking the 58 might be better for the tenor....

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Hi My name is Lynne and I am actually a flautist but got an alto sax on long term loan which I am hoping to learn so that eventually I can "double" in the pit! Mind you the way I sound at the mo a pit is probably the best place for me....squeak city or what!!!!

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    hello all, just joined today, my name is Jonathan and I live in Davis California. I play bari in our school jazz band, but my main instrument is tenor which I play in our school symphonic band and my private instructors band. I play on a yamaha custom Z and also have a unison S400 that I use at school tenor wise. I don't actually own the bari I use but it's an intermediate cannonball model that has the best tone and must uncomfortable thumb rest I have ever seen in my entire life.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Hi, my name is Brandon. I'm from Georgia, USA. I was directed here by an old music instructor. I've been playing saxophone since sixth grade, and am currently first chair in the GYSO Jazz Ensemble, as well as my high school's wind ensemble. I'm also involved in marching band, so a decent amount of experience for someone my age. I play alto, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love this forum- It's extremely informational.
    Music is what feelings sound like.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    I am new to saxophone ( and member of this forum) and purchased a Yamaha (275) student tenor sax 5 months ago. I am selftaught guitarist and bass player and is excited about the new challenge both in terms of a new instrument and also the music theory - I regret that I did not commence on that many years ago - It is fantastic - However I feel that I am not getting the sound I would like - less woolen and muffly in the low register but probably is it a question of muscular building and embouchure - I am using an Otto Link 7 metal and have been trying many different reeds - at this moment I settled at ZZ 2 which for times being seems to work - I need some advice on selecting reeds for the mouthpiece?
    My goal is to get a unique sound and expression on the horn before i turn 70 and looking forward to the benefits of the sax forum.

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    Talking Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Hello All,
    My name is Lindsey and I'm a music education major at the University of Southern Mississippi. I'm a sophomore this year and I study under Dr. Lawrence Gwozdz. I've been coming to this website since high school, but I just now registered. I own a yanagisawa 991 alto and a Buescher "Big B" alto. I play a meyer 6m with the yani and a rascher with the "Big B." I hope to meet many interesting and insightful sax players here.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Another Oldie that now can't let go.
    A sad attempt with an Alto 45 years ago let to a love affair a few years ago with an Yamaha Tenor, YTS62 and now to a brilliant Jazz teacher that has kept me inspired.

    I also had problems about a year ago with the Forum but now I'm activated and hope I will contribute here one day.


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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Hi there. I joined so you sax pros could shead some light on me about my sax i obtained from my uncle. Sorry about he multiple postings. Anyway, My name is Bob and I reside in Kenosha Wis, some of you may know thats where Lebanc was is located, so yeah thats my intro, thanks

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Hello everyone. I've been checking out the forum here and there for the last couple of months and finally decided to become a member. I'm looking forward to having some good discussions and being able to come here in case I need some help with something on my horn. I play a King Super 20 tenor SN 385XXX.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Quote Originally Posted by ChiTownJazz80 View Post
    Hello everyone. I've been checking out the forum here and there for the last couple of months and finally decided to become a member. I'm looking forward to having some good discussions and being able to come here in case I need some help with something on my horn. I play a King Super 20 tenor SN 385XXX.
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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    I'm Ryder. I first started playing tenor when I entered high school four years ago. I've just graduated from high school and am heading to University of Victoria to study economics. I hope to keep up playing through these years, and am looking forward to finding some people to jam with once I get to school. I played a school jupiter for my past couple of years, and just bought myself an old Conn stencil horn which I now love after trying out and searching through many horns after two years. Her name's Mabel.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Greetings fellow sax nuts,

    I've been around reading posts for a while, but I finally took the time to fill out the registration!

    I am a former music major who has played mostly in dance band/jazz/big band settings, and I have been adding new axes to my collection whenever I can for a few years, so I have a few! (sop, alto's, c-mel's, tenor's, bari's, bass)

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    I'm 27 and I play the guitar, but not very well. When I try to play solos I was told "try to emulate how a sax player would play it". It made me think, why not play the sax, then? I've always liked the way a saxophone has sounded as much or more than a guitar, so I guess I'm going to give this a try too.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-


    I'm Colin -had to use the K as the C was already taken. I think I said hi back last year when I posted for the first time, but I'll say hi again as it's been a while.

    About myself, not much to tell. I live in the Basque Country in Spain, am 48 years old, am currently "in between contracts" - or out of work, am married and was born in England. There is an annual jazz festival here, The Getxo Festival, and so there is something of a jazz scene. I would like one day to be good enough to play at one of the gigs, that would be fabulous, but I won't hold my breath!

    Most importantly, I play tenor sax, or rather I am learning tenor sax. I am lucky enough to have the use of a storage room under a big block of apartments where I can do mouthpiece exercises without it causing me to be brutally murdered. I am improving, though it seems that I will have to get worse before I get better. Maybe in another five years I'll be somewhere useful.

    Enough already, but I do have a question which I would greatly appreciate being answered. I am going to buy a new tenor - a Mauriat PMXT-66R UL. I already have a Yamaha YTS-275. I would like to sell the Yamaha to help fund the Mauriat, but I have been told I should keep the Yamaha and use it with the band, because it's inadvisable to use the Mauriat in a street band. I could do with the money, but I don't want to damage the instrument. Do I sell the Yamaha? I think it's unlikely that the odd bit of rain will depreciate the value of the instrument by more than the 500 Euros I should get for the sax. Any opinions welcome.

    I'd like to say thanks on behalf of all the lurkers out there that get such a lot of great information and encouragement from everyone who contributes in the forum.

    Thanks, now I'll disappear back to the shed.



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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Hello There~

    The name is Dijah. I'm 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. Been playing alto sax for almost 3 years. Started out on a Vito named George and then switched for a Jupiter- name George Jr.. I also own a Bundy Alto Sax-named George III. I'm pretty sure the Jupiter is a beginner model but I love both greatly.

    I've been in marching band for two years and I love it more than anything. Right now I'm prepaing for honor band auditions and considering applying for the Jack Kent Cook Young Artists Award.

    Um..I dunno what else to, my schools them for this years marching show is Carlos Santana. We are playing "Everybody's Everything", "She's not there". and "All I Ever Wanted". I even have a solo in "She's not there"!! I am really happy because I never thought I would have gotten a solo & I shall sax it out for those shifty-five amount of measures.

    Hope to talk with everyone more!
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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Hey everyone, my name is Sean and I am a Music Education and Music Composition major at Elmhurst College near Chicago. I play bari in the top jazz band, a jazz combo, and a sax quartet. I have also played soprano and alto in sax quartets. This year, I am also playing bass clarinet in the Wind Ensemble and flute in the "tech" band. I found this site while searching for bari mouthpiece reviews and discussions. I figured I might as well join in case I ever have anything important to contribute.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Hello all, (hello walls - hello, hello, hello, hello...)

    Been around a long time and playing a woodwind has been a joy. My parents bought me a clarinet when I was in the third grade and enrolled me with a private teacher. - (just one of the many reasons that I love and miss my parents - I'm now 61 years old) They continued to encourage me through the years and recitals... and we switched to other instruments along the way. This particular teacher played the oboe so talked my parents into that one too. He had me make my own double reeds! Then the bassoon (obo is more fun to play), then the alto sax (which was my idea), then the tenor. For a while I had to have any and all of these instruments ready for this teacher to take up on….! He drove a Studebaker Golden Hawk and thought he was all females’ dream guy! Takes all kinds…

    Anyhow; I still play as much as I can - still work - and I'm still buying instruments. Just made the happy purchase of new a Reference 54 tenor which is a good solid, no frills instrument - plays very nicely. I keep it close to my heart!

    I've been in and out of bands for many reasons such as a tour of duty in the US Navy - played overseas in the 'Med' too! We had a thirteen piece band when I was just out of high school and had a blast. We played around the Richmond,Washington DC (Georgetown) Baltimore area during the mid 60’s - but we all went off in different directions as time went on. The good old days: the organ player had a Hammond dual keyboard with two Leslie speakers that we lugged around and the drummer seemed to be always buying a new, larger floor tom for his Slingerland set. Playing tenor sax has been my basic joy in life.... I’m no fantastic player but can still have a hell of a great time!

    This is a good forum. I have frequented it many, many times and read some very enlightening information. I hope to be around with you good folks for a spell, so maybe I can pipe in once in a while....Thanks for that opportunity!

    Thanks very kindly,
    Bill C.

    PS. I posted a query in the 'lounge' (moved to "the Band") for some deliberation that I have been having of late... minor problem and not too serious. Interested in what folks here may have to say about it….
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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-

    Welcome to the forum BClem, it's fun for all to read and share, including you. I am 40 myself and have only been playing this year so I know little about saxophones but prehaps know more about related subjects and post my opinions here and there. It sounds like you have a lot of experience compared to me and compared to many others here as well so feel free to share what you know. I hope your spell here is a long and fruitful one.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, June 2009-


    Have been reading here for a while and was fascinated and impressed by the amount of knowledge shared on these forums, can't wait to get involved!

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