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Thread: Good Gutsy Runyon Tenor Mouthpiece

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    Default Good Gutsy Runyon Tenor Mouthpiece

    Can anyone recommend a good runyon tenor mouthpiece? Looking for that Willis Jackson, Jr. Walker, King Curtis, Red Holloway type sound. Thanks!!!

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    My JodyJazz alto piece is pretty gutsy, but I haven't tried it on tenor (it's in the mail!!! ). The Jody is basically a modified Custom, so you could start with either of those. Unfortunately I'm unfamiliar with the players you've listed. I've heard of them, but haven't actually heard them. The Custom is supposed to be Runyon's all-around mouthpiece, so I'd venture a suggestion to start there.

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    My metal Quantum with the spolier really rocks. Best mouthpiece for rock and jazz I've tried so far.

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    Thanks, I've heard that the XL w/spoiler and the Quantum w/spoiler were both two great mouthpieces in the Delrin versions. I guess I will try them all and see what works.

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    what's the diff between the quantum spoiler & the CUSTOM quantum spoiler??

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    The "Custom Quantum" is the plastic version. The other Quantum is more properly called the Metal Quantum.

    The plastic version is brighter, edgier, even louder than the metal Quantum.

    The XL is the plastic version of the Metal Smoothbore.
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    Notice any tonal difference between the tenor XL and the metal Smoothbore?

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