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    Default my friends mom is so FRIGGEN LUCKY

    ok so she was looking for a bari for my friend and she came across the a CONN NAKED LADY SAX with perfict silver plating ,at a garage sale

    so being the great mother she is she bought him the sax for $600!!!!!!

    it turns out the sax had ben played once ,then the owner died and it sat in the guys attic for some # of years.

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    look at the bright side, maybe he'll let you play it once and awhile:)

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    Stuff like that happens from time to time...

    When I was in High School a friend of mine's mother went to a garage sale and bought what she was told was a 'child's toy Saxophone' for $ 10.

    Of course she knew was an older silver plated Conn Wonder curved Soprano. That's right...10 bucks !!!

    Then there was the time that I bought a Tarogato (a wooden Hungarian folk kind of wind instrument) for $ 10 also. I have seen them advertised for sale in the 2 and 3 thousand dollar range. That's right...10 bucks !!! (I still have it)

    Then there was the time that I bought a silver plated Martin Bass Sax for $ 250. That's right...$ 250 !!! (Sadly, I DON'T have it anymore - don't ask what I sold it for...)

    Then there was the time that I bought a 1963 Mark VI Alto for $ 150. That's right...$ 150 !!! (I still have it - it's my main axe)

    Then there was the time that a friend of mine bought a pair of SBA's (an Alto and a Tenor) at an antique store somewhere in Pennsylvania for $ 400. That's right...$ 400 for the pair !!! (she still has them both)

    Keep watching and waiting...things come up for sale.

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    Can you pick my lottery tickets for me Tharruff??!!

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    A friend of mine was given a vintage Gibson Jazz Hollowbody guitar once. Its all random when stuff will happen, and it always seems like it happens to everyone but us.

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    my sax teafchers friend was out buying plants for his wife. hanging ont he wall of the plant store was an old conn bass sax. being a sax player, he asked the guy if he could buy the plant and the "prop" trying to play dumb. he asked the guy how much he wanted for it and he said he wanted 50 bucks for it. got the neck and everything.

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