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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, April-May 2009

    Hey my name is Amanda. I've been playing alto sax for seven years as well as other instruments . I really enjoy it ,however I can't decide....classical...?....jazz...?
    I'm hoping to learn about the pros and cons to both sides as a musician . I'm currently studying both styles at the university level. I'm currently looking for a good private teacher....and what to look for in one .....

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, April-May 2009


    Im Atnevon. I mainly played Bari through High School, then made my way to tuba for marching band. 5 years later, I want my sax back so badly.

    My dream goal now is to play classic video game music and Cowboy Bebop scores to really wow my friends.

    What brought me here is my Alto. I hope to find some history on it and see if it is something more valuable than I though.

    Hope to be more active soon.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, April-May 2009

    Hello Amanda and Atnevon. I recommend leaving the site now and practicing with all the time you would have wasted seeing if your finish affects tone especially since we don't all agree on that one yet.
    Amanda, the only advice I can give you is make sure he has a horn out during the lessons. This seems unimportant, but I had someone who didn't, and it just didn't work. A good teacher will show you instead of telling you. Does this make sense?
    Atnevon, probably doesn't have the music you're looking for, but he'll probably do it if you ask (and pay, of course), but most people on the site will tell you to figure out yourself, and that's great if you can.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, April-May 2009

    greetings everyone, or as we say in Oz

    g'day mate (with strong nasal tones)

    my name is Neal, I played alto (student yamaha as100) for 5 years right through high school. made it to about grade 6.
    sold it for for a guitar when I graduated and hadn't played a note in years.

    a recent pay rise found me in the market for a new horn, and so im currently awaiting delivery of a '45 martin tenor.
    6m + 10m = ménage à trois

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, April-May 2009

    Hi, I have been playing for 18 months now, and have progressed from alto to a nice old tenor, a YTS32. Coltrane got me into the sax, and I think may get me out of it too. Hope to be able to start playing in anger soon, but for now am just loving the journey.

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, April-May 2009

    I'll go by the name "Mellow" which is the tone I am after, dark and mellow.
    Tenor is my main horn, but I love them all.
    describing one's own playing level is touchy.
    I am not a full time professional, but am grateful for the chance to do a couple paying gigs a month. I also love the jam sessions here in the city.
    I mostly do Jazz Standards, but also enjoy funk/fusion, etc.
    I have been a fan of SOTW for years, but finally am registering as I would like to correspond with some of the admirable member of SOTW.
    With my humble regards!

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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, April-May 2009

    G'day everybody. Been a jazz player in Oz for about 40 years. Occasional lurker on SOTW and now I'm out of the closet. I'm no great theorist and I don't have strong opinions on hardware. At present I'm a Yamaha man - 2 YTS62 tenors, a YSS62 soprano and a C100 clarinet all about 1990 vintage and not causing me any problems. I'm probably a bit harder on them than most enthusiasts, but by the same token I don't expect a lot from them. I sound pretty much the same whatever I play. I've used Lakey mouthpieces for years and years. Before that a Berg.

    I see myself as a tenor man who also plays the clarinet and owns a soprano. I'd gladly sell the soprano (and even one of the tenors) if I didn't have to make the effort involved in getting a reasonable price. If I had the cash I might even become an enthusiast for one of the new budget horns I keep hearing about or even try owning a vintage horn again. That being said, I used to play a Mark VI for 20 years or so and it gave me more trouble than my Yamahas through its lack of robustness. I simply couldn't hear or feel any difference in my sound or feel between the "classic" Mark VI and the workaday Yamaha. I never liked the Mark VII I bought from Patrick Selmer in Paris at the factory (a little pilgrimage) and was glad to get rid of it.

    Anyway, enough about me.

    Regards to everyone I know and all those I don't.


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    Default Re: SOTW new member introductions, April-May 2009

    Hi Just joined but for some reason i couldn't do a new thread to introduce myself, so thought i would do it here!!!

    I live in the UK not far from Liverpool, I have sung in bands, studio for many years!! Now at the age of 45 i have learnt Music theory and been REBORN lol its so enjoyable i play piano YAMAHA N30 and have just this weekend been given a SAX for my coming birthday, its always been a weakness lol being on big bands with lots of brass it was the only instrument to make me weak at the knees!!! ( its not as grand as the Yamaha's ) but a starter a JUPITER i am sure it will do to learn on,

    right so i can read the music and have found my way around the SAX BUT i am having trouble retaining my sound UGHHHHHH frustrating!! i get a lovely sound , take a breath and then BANG!! sqeek, wheez, sqeak it almost has me crying in frustration, i am using a 4 mouthpiece and 1-1/2 and 2 1/2 reeds is it just ME .........Am i doomed to fail at this lovely instrument!!! H....E....L....P advise much appreicated xx[Impnt]

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