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Thread: SML Bari

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    Default SML Bari

    I play a Gold Medal silver plate SML alto which really pleases me.

    I am looking for a baritone to play to fill out the horn section of a band I play in. I have never played, heard or even seen a SML baritone but have heard lots about Martins, Selmers, Kings and the other usual suspects.

    What's your opinion about SML bari's?

    Do they cut the mustard?

    Which models are good?

    Do they follow the same progression of models (Rev's , Gms) as altos and tenors?

    How much do they sell for?

    Any for sale?


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    Any for sale?
    Check Here
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    If they'll do it under $400 I'll take it!!!

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    Default sml bari


    I have a SML nickel plated bari, currently being serviced, and a The Martin. The SML has a more rounded tone. I have not seen any others for sale in the UK, and I don't intend to sell, but you're welcome to try it. I live near High Wycombe.

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    Default Re: SML Bari

    I have a SML Baritone sax for sale. Serial no: 7470, I believe it to be a rev C 1949. I've owned it for approx 15 yrs. I played for a number of years in various Soul bands and big bands but unfortunately due to family commitments am no longer using it. I will be sad to see it go as it has been a fantastic sax but am now looking for a new home for it. Shortly before I stopped using it i had a complete repad and refurb. It comes with a new hard case. I am in Worcestershire UK. please let me know if you are interested in it and can email photographs. I am looking for £2500 for it - BARGAIN

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    Default Re: SML Bari

    a member here Stan, knows of two of them, apparently left in a shop in Italy all these years, so they are closet can write him and see what he has to say about them

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    Default Re: SML Bari

    What is a real pain on the SML low A baris is the very basic low A mechanism - it isn't linked to the low B or Bb keys at all, so playing low B to low A means having to roll to the low Bb while the thumb closes the low A key.

    Maybe you can keep the low A key held down while playing low B (not sure how much it will affect the quality of the low B if you do this), and just roll from the low B to the Bb touch to get a legato low B to A (or low A to B in reverse).

    But the general construction is robust with the X-bar bell brace and fully ribbed, plus they have hard soldered toneholes. Make sure when repadding them you have the Bb bis key pad fitted with a smaller than usual resonator
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