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    Default Bests jazz Schools in Europe

    I Would like to know what are the best options to study jazz in Europe, things like scholarships since I'm from argentina and would like to apply for many places ther, can I do that?

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    Default Re: Bests jazz Schools in Europe

    Conservatorium van Amsterdam
    Hochschule für Musik - Check out Frankfurt, Mannheim, Berlin, Köln and Hamburg
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    Default Re: Bests jazz Schools in Europe

    You can also try the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, the best music school in France. The jazz department is leaded by Riccardo del Fra (one of Chet Baker's bassist), with François Theberge as a sax and arrangement teacher, Glenn Ferris as a trombone teacher and many others that you may not know in USA, but who are really badass in France (like Dré Pallemaerts on the drums or Hervé Sellin and Pierre de Bethmann on the piano).
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    Default Re: Bests jazz Schools in Europe

    Jazzlinja (The Jazz Programme) in Tronheim:

    The Jazz Programme is a part of NTNU’s Department of Music, Music Performance Studies:
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